• Nadine Biezmienova

Cozumel's first ever Milk Bath Session

Have you ever seen these type of photo sessions before? They are milk bath maternity sessions and aren't they just beautiful?

I decided I want to try do something different for a change.

And something the island has not seen here before

I had a location picked out and ready for when I contact my all most mama friend' "Joei"

But unfortunately it didn't work out, So I keep searching.. I really wanted tot do this and nothing was going to stop me.

After a long and stressful time, I finally remember my friend's beautiful house that I did a interior shoot for about a year ago. I remember how much natural light there was and the mucho space. It was a big bath as I can recall.

I know I would be pushing my luck if I had to ask her to use her bath not for me but to bring another women in her house to shoot. hehe.

So I took the chance and just went for it. LUCKILY my friend is awesome and she loves me dearly!

Annnnnd she is a super kind personal in love with creative things and the create people!

Since Joei was giving birth around christmas time, I wanted to create the environment with a very christmasy feeling. Lots of green and reds.

We schedule a quick session for the morning, I picked some flowers and leaves from our garden. I honestly usually don't like killing flowers. But this was for the 'love of art'!

Joei got into the nice warm bath and did everything that I asked her with style. It was Perfect. The session was short and sweet. But it was exactly how i imagined it.

I learnt so much from this small session, and took a lot from it.

For example:

Always be creative in everything you do.

Be prepared, and always have a back up idea.

If things take things slow, relax...things will come to you.

Finally enjoy what you do!!!

Thank you Joei for making this come to life!

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