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Mermaids in Cozumel

A few months ago, I teamed up with some local ladies on the island for a Mermaid Stylized photo shoot collaborations. I approached the idea to get the Island of Cozumel aware of what magic lies in the MerIndustry and reached out to the wonderful Jewels from Swim & Free Dive Cozumel.

With Jewels having her own tails and so much experience behind her name, she began to get just as excited as I was.

I contacted a local makeup artist, Mua by Marena, and asked my beautiful friend Cristina to be our first mermaid model. Cristina has had many experiences doing photo shoots for carnival and other companies. She was the perfect anecdote for this project!

Everything was going according to plan, as I started making the props for the shoot; the main piece was the mermaid bra. This mermaid bra is made out of beautiful shells that I found on the island and even my real pearls that I have had for years.

I made the mirror with sand, shells, and flowers - all things that I find on the island.

Also, for every shoot I make all the props, so with all the pieces of the puzzle, we set out to one of my favorite locations Playa Azul, located on the North side of the Island.

Once we had Cristina all dressed up and with her tail on, the looks, the phones, and the smiles were watching.

We have had so much positive feedback on this beautiful project; it has made me feel so proud to have a team to be willing to do something wonderful like this.

After the beach shoot, we moved to the water for some "real mermaid" activities. Jewels took Cristina in the water and showed her some simple moves. I watched from above, while my partner Oleksandr took the photos of her.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

But as you can see Cristina was AMAZING!

I am truly proud of this project that we all achieved and truly grateful for having such talented people here on the island willing to do the extraordinary.

Especially the true mermaid, Jewels.

She has come a long way to be here in Cozumel, owning the only place here that teaches kids how to be a mermaid and much more.

Please follow the amazing and talented Jewels or



@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography