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Cedral Homes

When I decided four years ago to move to the island of Cozumel to give birth, I had a few friends already on the island, but not too many.

But I decided from the beginning I wanted to make the most of it. I would at least try to make new friends, new connections, and possibly even do some photo sessions while I was here.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would base Mik 'n Drik here; on an island on the east side of Mexico.

And how it all started was by some chance, little luck and a few common grounds with someone special.

It all started when I met Karen Bloemhoff. I found her details online when looking for a new place to stay for my family and newborn to come.

We set a date for a place in a new area, and we just got talking. Since I was a newbie, she really gave me some awesome tips on where to eat, where what is where, etc.

Where to buy the best Mangos?

And since she is Dutch and my second language is Afrikaans, we found common ground. The language is very similar so that we can understand each other.

After our meeting, it was clear to me that Karen was a professional and had a very fresh way of thinking and doing real estate; something that you would see on those programs like "New York Million Dollar Listing."

I love that show!

So I thought maybe to show my portfolio of some work I did in South Africa for a few farm estates. I have never been shy to take the chance in anything.

If you want to do something, then go for it!!!!

Immediately Karen responded and asked for a test shoot of a house.

A beautiful house that Ricardo (owner and architect of Cedral) built.

It was one of his first here on the island.

It is a two level, three bedroom property with a unique design and construction; that I have never seen before.

My way of describing Riccardo’s design - "open with a strong understanding of how the sun will play in line with the shadows."

I am drawn to his style, and with my photography. If I love something, it will definitely show in the photos I take.

After that session, I guess they loved my way of displaying their art, and we have been stuck with each other since. jajaja

We have done so many beautiful projects together, and I have enjoyed every moment!

Working closely with another company that has the same great level of professional and positive attitude to work as well as life as me has been wonderful.

From shooting the first house Casa Cielito to Mondo Palancar to Casa Paradiso to now the new Villa de las Brisa and the all real estate houses under their care as well;

I have enjoyed each challenge and each location.

Each one has been amazing to be apart of...

I cannot wait to see what more will come out of this friendship.

All photo are from Cedrals new project "Villa de las Brisas"

Check out the link below for more information to rent.

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@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography