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Abandon places are my Treasures.

‘Lost Treasure’’ - one man’s garbage being another man’s treasure.

Along time ago, I started a bit of an obsession with abandon buildings. Call it an obsession, call it fascination, call it me being a complete weirdo 101.

I love the mystery, the thought of how it came to its ruin, what is the history, what is behind the neglect, what are the stories that have been hidden in those walls ?

I want to know How? Why? And when will my photos capture the forgotten moments of time.

Thoughts of workers spending part of their lives to build a structure, Thoughts of a companies spending money to make a dream of theirs come true, Thoughts of materials from our earth mixed and created specially to build something unique. All this time and effort, for what?

For it to be sent to back to the earth, to stand time until someone wants it again or be forgotten forever with the past.

I find it hard to understand why humans like to “dump” things or not reuse what is already built and ready, after so much thought and capital was used to make it in the first place.

The thing is, one day when the mysteries of our world and beyond, finally come together, what will be left, will it just be another piece of rubble or will it be valued and praised. How do we know if we can’t look in to what is already there, hidden behind shrubs, or now

located away from the new extreme town.

Well you know what they say… One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure

Abandon places are my treasures.

A special Thank you to Eva - The make up artist that bought my vision to life.

You can find all her at:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography