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Austin proposals to Kelsey!

When Austin emailed us enquiring to do a proposal, Of course I jumped straight onto the laptop and started chatting about ideas. Austin had found us on Yelp and then proceeded to do his own investigating on social media.

We have a few cute blogs about proposals that we have done and added some amazing images we have created for each of the proposals.

We discussed ideas and locations, but left it to him for his final decision and then we waited for his response. A few weeks passed and at that point I thought I was being ghosted and was deeply sad about this amazing opportunity. But Austin returned and we began some serious planning. It lifted our spirits up tremendously :)

We went to the location we decided on, made a short video on what the location looked like and where the spot to propose would be held.

Location …. Buccannos for Friday the 30th of August !! I contacted the restaurant to book a private table for after the proposal. Since it will be around sunset time…

The view….

The atmosphere..

This is going to be amazing!

After some changes of plans and dates, and Austin’s nerves getting the better of him.

We made the secret proposal for the Thursday evening.

Finally !!!! The day arrived. After emailing confirmation of all our plans the night before to Austin. I could feel was so nervous. Ironically I had another shoot that day and once we had packed up and arrived home, I had received an email, an sms, a miss call and a few whatsapp messages from Austin and now he thought I was ghosting him. But I would never! I am too excited for this evening as well!

Nerves settled, arrangements confirmed, all we had to do was wait.

I am so proud of this guy already. He is doing so well not to just do a random proposal. Come on Austin you got this!!!

When Sasha and I arrive at Buccanos. Sasha took off his shirt and blended in to the environment :) I found myself a group of young Jewish people and blended in as well. Since I do have Jewish blood, we hit it off.

They arrived !! He ran to the bathroom and messaged me again. I told him “You got this” They walked down the beach, you can feel something magical is about to happen. The second he got to the spot we decided on. He told “her” to go over there, I will take a picture of you. She turns around to walks a little bit away and turns back to face him.

Boom.... beautiful moment happening!!! He is on his knees. And she is shocked. This beautiful moment. Oh gosh !! I am so happy. Keep shooting, keep shooting I tell myself.

Her smile is shining like the stars. This is the happiest moment of her life.

They hug, We cry, The hug and kiss. I just want to hug them as well.

We get introduced to the lucky lady known as Kelsey and congratulate this amazing couple for finding love.

We then took a few minutes to chat and ask Kelsey if she knew anything was up or suspect any hit from Austin. But Austin didn’t show a hint of all the nerves he had bundled up inside.

So proud of this guy!

We took them around Buccanos for a quick session. Just capturing these two as the brightest they can be. I could feel such a pure love between them. Very soft and caring type of love. Makes me so happy to be apart of something like this. After the session we said our goodbyes and sent them off to Buccanos At Night restaurant where they will have a very romantic dinner with the sunset.

We ran home to get some photos done - A quick sneak peek so they could share with their friends and families.

After one week to complete the session with such a beautiful editing style. It was soft and tender, just like them two. Even the black and whites we did were just as beautiful.

Austin and Kelsey thank you for sharing your love with the world.

We are so happy to have been a witness to this!

Continue to love and support one another.. Best wishes for the wedding. In peace, love and understanding We wish you the very best

Nadine & Sasha

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography