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We all know 2020 was not such a great year.

We all had plans that where going to change our lives.

We were going to the change the world in 2020.

Instead 2020 changed us.

So many people broke up, so many people got hurt, so many people fell apart.

But how many of you helped? How many of you where the one that said a saving grace to someone else?

How many of you cared more than just yourself during this pandemic?

I believe we all have angels in our lives. An angel doesn’t have to be a loved one that has passed, and is now our spiritual protector.

I believe we can all be angels.

What is the definition of an angel…

An angel is a messenger from God, characterized as having human form with wings and a halo. The word suggests goodness, and is often used to refer to someone who offers comfort and aid to others in times of trouble.

“Someone who offers comfort”

It is that simple…

During this time my partner and I did reach out to many others to try and help as much as we could.

If it was emotional support, money, comfort, or even business related.

We always try to do our best, even though we did have many challenges to face in our personal life.

The simple answer will never be “No”, but it will be “How can I help you?”

A great example for me would be my kids. They are my angels, and maybe they don’t even know it.

But they are the number one reason why I want to do good in this life.

They love, they support, and they care.

True angels.

With all the things going on in our life, the ups and downs we will always be here.

There will always be something going on in our life for us to deal with.

We are all riding this roller coaster called life, So why not ride it together and help each other.

Be that angel figure to others.

You never know who you might be saving.

Thank you 2020 for your many lessons.

You have given me a new perspective on many things in this life.

With all our love and support

From the Mik ’n Drik team.

See you in 2021.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography