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The future is Yours.

As I watch my children grow I am at times feeling a bit scared.

Scared that I will fail in teaching them that happiness is from within.

Happiness starts with you, and no matter what you do in this life.

You need to be happy.

I am a mother of two beautiful kids as most of you might have known already.

I love them so much that sometimes when hugging them I think that I can break their bones - thats how much I love them.

They are so unique and so happy and all I am trying to do is to keep it that way.

I am doing my best day in and day out to make sure that they can grow into whom they want to be.

This series of pictures is my reflection of love that I have for them.

Everyday I do a little project with each of them and that’s how I will remember these days.

I guess thats how they will get the taste of being a different profession everyday, before they need to decide when they are older.

Kids is our future and of course a reflection of their parents.

I should not be scared, because they are strong ones and know what happiness feels like.

A cowboy or A pilot, whatever it might be...

Be whatever you want to be - but most importantly

Be happy!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography