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What exactly is the “Flying Dress” project?

The “Flying Dress” idea first came about in Greece, on the island of Santorini. Last year, we had a client battling cancer talk to us about her plans to travel to Greece, just to do one of these Flying Dress sessions for herself. It sounded amazing! And really, the spread of the idea across the world is not surprising. The results are beautiful.

With this new inspiration, and great new ideas forming, Nadine made the decision to order 10 of the specially-made dresses from the Turkey, ( Handmade by an Ukrainian lady ) and the MiknDrik Flying Dress Project was officially started, as the first on the island to offer these incredible photos!

We have always tried to do special projects to help others in the community. Whether it’s free or discounted sessions, or promotional video projects we take on, in our own down-time, we want to give back to the community around us. And the Flying Dress Project started off in this exact way.

Our first sessions were maternity shoots, with women who wanted something special, but were not in a position to do an actual maternity shoot. We thought this would be the perfect way to do something beautiful and unique for them. As those photos began to get noticed, we also had interest from women who had been struggling with disease and health issues. Some of them came to us knowing this would be their last time traveling and they wanted a beautiful reminder of better days. These photos were a great way to show them with beauty and elegance.

Another type of session growing in popularity, is for women who’ve been working to lose weight or change their body composition. The Flying Dress is a great opportunity to show off the progress and changes made!

With 10 colors to choose from (as well as an opportunity to alter colors in post edit), the specially made, one-size, but widely adjustable dresses; make this photo session achievable for many. There is equal opportunity for maternity, and plus-size sessions. Tall, or short, the glamour and elegance of the Flying Dress is not limited to the petite. And we think that’s part of the beauty of it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blogs and be apart of our community.

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