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Ingrid's Maternity Beach Session

Sasha and I recently travelled to the other side of the island of Cozumel.

Where we met Ingrid, her family and friends. For a fun, fun and more FUN maternity beach session.

Ingrid is a very shy and lovely soon to be mommy. Brave and always smiling. She made our job as easy as pie!

In the beginning of our session we decided to take some photos of her on the edgy rocks with a beautiful white dress and hand made head piece from The Sea & Me.

This location if you would like to know more, Is called El Mirador.

Most tourist come to visit this area and love to take pictures. It is a very popular place and is always busy.

We felt the pressure as Ingrid was on the rocks posing as a beautifully as she is. People stopped to look at our wonderful art in the making.

No sweat!

We continued the session for about four or five outfits. We want to do as much as possible for this inspiring 'almost mommy'.

We did a few fun shots with the family and friends. And afterwards we have a sit down with some real Mexcian food.

Perfect Break!

The sun was about to head home, So we decided to make our last stop at Turquoise Bar for the sunset session.

A few more poses for Ingrid and then we called it a day!

Everything worked out just the way it was suppose.

Thank you to everyone that was apart of this happy day!

Unfortunately I may display only a few of photos this lovely day.

(Some photos are just for the heart to see.)

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography