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The Maze Villa - Mondo Palancar Cozumel

Since I moved to Cozumel, I have always heard about the "Biggest House" in Cozumel, Mondo Palancar.

Situated in the South side of the island with 23 acre oceanfront and 10 000 square feet to enjoy.

It was a dream to shoot this location, or even to visit the property one day!

After doing a few shoots for the best real estate agents here on the island. (Cedral Caribe Realtors)

I received word that they would need some new and updated shots of the some areas of Monod Palancar.

Especially the areas what Cedral had designed and built themselves.

Namely the grill/palapa area by the pool, the outside dining area and the indoor kitchen.

Once I arrived at Mondo Palancar, I was blown area by the amount of space and of course the architecture design of the place. The shadows on the sides of the building, the large layout turning this beautiful villa into a magically maze.

I think I am in LOVE!

While exploring this 8th Wonder of the World, I did get lost; and had to go around a few circles to understand the layout.

I think that this is my main reason why I love this place so much!

So much more than just a big fat villa on the beach on an island.

Besides having a beautiful 23 acres of beach front to play with; You have volleyball area, tennis court, even a real life crocodile to keep you entertained.

It is just true paradise!!

For more information on the Mondo Palancar Villa ; Please visit the facebook site on the link below:


You can contact Karen from Cedral directly at

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography