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The Sunset Wedding

About a year ago, I met a beautiful woman named Adrianna on the island. She brought some South Africa meat from us that my husband Sasha had made. We call it Biltong. If you haven't tried it, you should. It is amazing.

We kept in contact over social media, liking and loving each other’s posts over and over. I really enjoyed Adrianna's beautifully soft and loving personality.

One day in August she messaged me about a quote for wedding pictures. I was completely blown away because I didn't know they were engaged, I somehow missed that post.

I was so excited for her, and I hadn't even met her future husband, Daniel.

We set up a meeting, where I got to meet her lovely son and of course Daniel. I felt their love for each other! So easy going, so much character, and so much great positive energy!

The wedding day was coming closer and closer, and the weather was really not looking great. I prayed hard for nice weather for Adrianna and Daniel’s special day.

Finally, the day came, and the weather was perfect!

The selected location was The Beach House on the Southside. Which might I just add, is a great location to get married at in Cozumel. You have everything there; beautiful scenery, the flat ocean, great accommodation and finally the most beautiful sunsets ever!!!

We didn't have much time before the sunset set, we grab the beautiful bride and groom and quickly did our magic. They easily and comfortably posed and did everything with such love in their hearts. I would say this is True Love! You could see how much they loved each other; it showed throughout every picture we took of them.

It rained a bit during the bride and groom portraits session; we had to stop and have a beer to relax – lol. The rain didn't last long, and then we continued with the Mayan ceremony.

In which our favorite person Jesus, married them. He is so full of life, and the way he conducts the ceremony is the best I have seen in Mexico.

The wedding was beautiful, even if the mosquitoes did attack all of us during the last few moments. But everything was worth it.

Once the Mayan ceremony was done, we all headed to the beach house for some drinks and then some more drinks. We then headed to Casa Havana, where the wedding group sat down for some food and more drinks. May I just add that the food was to die for, truly amazing and even made my husband and I go back the following week for dinner.

Adrianna and Daniel finished the night off with their first dance to a live Cuban band playing and then finally the cut the cake tradition. This left them blue tounges from their blue wedding cake.

A great ending to a wonderful and exciting day filled with friends and family that had all their love and support the happy couple. What more could you ask for?

Thank you, Adrianna and Daniel for allowing us to capture this amazing day!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography