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Katlyn & Brendan - " A Secret Proposal"

I recently set up an online booking system on our awesome website. Within three days, I received a booking! At first I thought it was my husband Sasha, trying to book me for the day because of our busy October month.

But no it was an actual booking for a couple on the 13th of October. I couldn’t believe my luck, how awesome was that?

I got in contact with the client, Katlyn. She seemed so sweet and I could immediately feel that they were a very cute couple.

Katlyn and her boyfriend, Brendan were going to be cruising on a Carnival cruise for the week and since it was their first time together in Cozumel, they decided to do a shoot with us.

I hired a car for the day, because I knew if it was their first time on the Island, they would not know exactly where to go, and because we were going to my secret spot to shoot.

So we planned to meet them at La Casa Del Habano in the morning. We had a bit of a chat before heading off. They got to meet Daniel the amazing bartender (I shot his wedding last month). Brendan and Katlyn; they were just how I imagined them to be, sweet, cute and sweet some more.

I went outside onto Main Street to see if Sasha would be ready for us but the traffic was busy; you can see it is becoming the high season. As I waited outside, about 5 minutes, Brendan came down and told me something interesting.

He had bought a ring on the ship that Katlyn chose. So she knew he had the ring but she had no idea when or how he was going to do the deed. What a perfect opportunity this was!!!

Because I knew exactly where we would be going, I was able to advise Brendan as to the best way to do it and where. I explained to him that at the end of the session, they will do a walk on the beach at the pier and when coming back he could pop or scream the question. Whichever way he wanted to.

At that moment Sasha arrived and we headed off to our first location to shoot. We arrived and there were noooo people on the beach – PERFECT. The weather was also perfect, thank you October. The sun is so soft and not as sharp as the rest of the year.

We did a few tree scenes, some umbrella fun and a few dirty dancing poses. Lots of fun and smiles all round. Just the way Sasha and I love to work. Then after a while it was time... I told them to both walk on the beach towards the pier and then turn around; they did so and in such a graceful manner too. When they reached the pier... Mr. sneaky Brendan pulled something out his pocket and Katlyn was SURPRISED!

Mission completed. Yeah! We gave them a huge group hug and of course took a few more picture to seal the deal of the newly engaged couple. It was time to head to the second location, which would be at the town square.

I wanted to do a few shots around the park, but it was so hot and everyone was hungry!

We took about 15 minutes to wrap it up and I was more than happy with the results.

It was food time for everyone! We went back to Habano Cozumel, grabbed some lunch and of course had amazing cocktails from Daniel.

We said cheers to the happy couple and enjoyed a great time further. So sad that such an awesome day had to come to an end.

This was surely the best Friday the 13th ever.

Brendan and Katlyn, I wish you both so much happiness in this life.

That is all that matters on earth. So keep the smiles growing and take of each other. God bless.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography