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Vlad & Sasha | 10 Year Anniversary

Once upon a time, my friends from New York got married...

10 years ago...

But… The cool story only starts after the first year.

When they decided to get remarried in a different country; and the following year they did the samething and then again.

So for 10 years they have been saying "I do" to the same person, in a different location on the same date.

How cute and romantic is that?!

Last year they visited Argentina; and this year I invited them to Mexico, Cozumel.

To celebrate this beautiful 10 years anniversary with my me and my family.

Of course, from our side we promised beautiful pictures.

We hired the real Shaman that did the completely Mayan ceremony.

One of our favorite Shaman's here on the island, Eduardo.

He is a character and we have been enjoying working closely together with him this year.

We went to the wild beach on the East side of the island Cozumel.

Where there was no body to be seen, so peaceful and the weather was perfect for the ceremony.

The location had rocks from both sides of the beach with white-white sand in the middle.

My baby Maya decided to not join in the ceremony, but to rather take the time to pick up some shells.

She loves collecting treasures.

Preparation took around 30 minutes for Shaman.

He did beautiful set up for ceremony and we were excited to start.

Because at that time the sunset was creating a dream-like environment.

The pictures as you can see, speak for themselves.

It was like magic.

But soon after the sunset went down.

The mosquitoes came out to play, and we ran back to the car.

After our honeymooners, Sasha and Vlad stayed with us for another week.

We visited the parks and beaches, beer places and some good restaurants with Mexican food.

It was such a wonderful time to have them other for such a short period of time.

And also to share such a memorable mile stone in their life.

Thank you friends this time that you came to us and enjoyed our sun and our warm ocean.

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