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Maxima and her Parents

A long long time ago, a friend on the island paid for a Christmas photo session for another friend.

A year later we finally got this opportunity to do this session.

By the time we got to shoot this mysterious family, We actually became friends with them.

So when we finally decided on a time and date that would suit the "Daddy Doctor of Scuba", the "Mommy Queen of Marketing stuff" and there little Superstar Maxima.

We were overwhelmed to finally shoot them.

We meet the Gomez family at their house in North side of the Island

simply because there is an amazing beach near there.

And it just happened to have no body there this time.

Perfect for us!

It was around 8am, with fantastic weather to help us set the mood.

We started at the beach, then went to the house for some urban shots and then decided to kick it Gomez style.

The family chanced their outfit to an IRONMAN theme. How cool is that!?!

And then we hit the streets for some Bike, Run, and pretend "Swim"

Maxima was a hit, her poses were on key.

She has so much talent and a bright acting or sport future for sure.

I know Maxima really enjoyed herself, as she kept asking Sasha to please take more and more photos.

After this very fun and different photo session, We just want to say:

We are honored to have finally become friends with you all.

And more honored to have this opportunity to shoot you.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography