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The Crazy Italian Wedding

A long, long time ago, I met a beautiful women named Antonia. She sparked my interest with her amazing personality and got me hooked. Lol

I have never met a woman so vibrant and on the go, in such a positive way like this before. I cannot explain it any further.

And then to top it off, I somehow met her best friend/boyfriend/ "Chef-In-Crime" I couldn't believe this match made in Heaven.

They opened this amazing restaurant called K'ooben Lab and Sasha and I lived just up the road from it, so we visited them continuously.

Especially for the food !

We got to know Antonia and Mirko a lot better, and fell more in love with their life and story.

When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was bowled over!

I couldn't believe that I would be a part of their special day, especially with all their family members coming from Italy to join in the celebrations.

When the day finally arrived, the weather was super nice. Overcast and no rain, Ooolala a photographers dream!

Thank you God for this blessing!

The venue was at the Beach House Cozumel; it is situated on the South side of the island.

I love this venue it’s quiet and has a great view of the ocean.

When I entered the room, where Antonia was having her hair and makeup done I was overwhelmed; she looked so beautiful!

Everything that she did was just her. I couldn't wait for Mirko to see what I saw.

He would just have to wait a few minutes.

The ceremony was, well, simply just perfect.

Our mutual friend, Eduardo the Shaman performed the couples ceremony.

As always Eduardo made the event fun and interesting, always making everyone comfortable and bringing plenty of smiles to the occasion.

After the ceremony, I kidnapped the couple and Mirko grabbed his glass of Champaign! As much as I wanted to take some beautiful posing type of pictures, Mirko and Antonia love to sneak in their own fun, which made my job so much enjoyable! And after the couple’s session, I had the family to try and control.

Oh glory, I spoke English, then Spanish and then I grabbed a few Italian words to try and help me out. They were all so much fun, so energetic and VERY entertaining!I would do it all over in a heartbeat!

The night finally appeared, and the dancing shoes came off.

The party started! :) We moved the event "Party" to the lovely Cafe del Mar, which was nicely set up for the event.

More and more friends joined and the party just kept going.

When we looked at the time again, it was 2am, more people had arrived and our driver was passed out in his car. Ok, it was time to head home.

We told the couple good night, and wished them the best!

Thank you, Antonia and Mirko for creating such a magically event with your close friends and family that came from so far away, and bringing everybody together in such a positive and loving way.

But I have to add: My highlight of the whole event was watching Mirko and Antonia's parent’s dance and keep dancing more than all the young guys/girls that were there. It is an image that will be in my mind for years to come and I hope to do the same one day at my daughter’s wedding!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography