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Mexico City

Awhile ago Sasha and I went to Mexico City to order an Ukrainian passport for our daughter Maya. We decided to just go by ourselves to take some time off and enjoy our 3days of holiday we would have for the year. (2017)

And off we went to Mexico City, which by the way was such an easy trip going from Cancun. So quick and painless, I would consider doing it monthly.. lol

When we arrived, Yes the air immediately hit me. DRRY DRRRRRY DRY!

So dry my nose almost started bleeding in that very second.

We found an uber with the snap of our phones and $125pesos later were at our hotel.

Hotel Fontan Reforma, which is situated in the Reforma area. This area is filled with historic statues representing important moments that happened in Mexico.

There are many old buildings, some old churches and so many street markets.

A vary of people walking the streets, mostly street people, cooperate people and then a large amount of hipster aging from 25 or so.

Very different to Cozumel island vibes.

Sasha and I we to take out a lot of places, Sushi restaurants, some Italian burgers place and even got the chance to go to an Ukrainian restaurant.

Which was by far the highlight of our trip. Its great to travel around the world and find places like these to remind or give a feeling or piece of your home.

Sasha was in Heaven, and even thou I am not Ukrainian, I was in heaven too.

Since we are very much weird people, we always like to go where the tourist are not.

We hit the streets and just actually walked around for hours and hours.

We managed to get lost in the industrial area, where ONLY the men were working.

It was a site to see. I kid you not, We hardly saw any women. Just men hard at work or the opposite... Men taking a siesta in a car, on the ground, on the sidewalk..

Anyway where it looked comfortable.

Eventuality we made it to the hotel and safety. We had a shower and then off again to find some interesting restaurant. We found ourselves in an awesome and huge park that had people roller blading and some just reading. It was so beautiful to watch people out and socializing with each other.

SO magically..

Mexico city is a City like no other. Filled with rich culture stating from the old to the new and it still manages to stay unique.

Please enjoy our fun and silly video that Sasha made well just because he can.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography