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Monarch Butterfly Awareness Project

A few months ago, I was watching one of the world famous David Attenborough videos.

Where the interesting documentary about the monarch butterflies caught my attention.

As I watched these beautiful creatures fill my eyes and heart with love - a feeling of sadness was there as well.

After finishing the documentary; I decided to search for more...

and more i did indeed find.

I found many blogs and videos about how the Monarchs were becoming less and less each year.

How sad is this to actually be true!!

I thought to myself...

Why are they becoming less and less each year.????

Where are they going, or why are they not producing enough to keep at the same numbers????????

What is happening to these beautiful creatures that God has made.

I was filled with a deep sadness while trying to understand this.

This filled my thoughts with the idea to at least create an awareness to the public about it.

I know I am not a famous photographer across the globe,

but there will be at least someone that will read this blog and

and at least someone that will stop and read my mission...

"OUR" world is dying fast,

"OUR" ocean is drying up and

"OUR" forests are being cut so fast that it is impossible

for us to reproduce at the same rate.

All of these things are causing our world to fall, and toooo fall fast.

Our Monarchs butterflies are a great example of this "butterfly effect"

We need to rethink our way of living and way of thinking.

Or else these beautiful living arts of God will be there no more.

So as my way of trying get some attention or awareness about this matter.

I can only do it in the form of Art, the only way I know how.

SO.. I designed a dress and had a lovely local Mexican make it.

I made a butterfly brotch and flower crown, I found a beautiful model that was willing to help me bring this idea to life.

We then contacted the only butterfly place on the island, Cozumel butterfly & Botanical Gardens

And of course the owner (Gia) opened the doors for us with open arms.

My model Alessandra, only 17 and so stunning, was amazing!

She stepped into the dress with so much confident; she transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Everything I asked her to do ,she did will such a smile and gentleness.

She bought her family with as well, So her little brother had such a great time playing with the butterflies.

As for mama; Well I asked her help assistant me with some fun things.

(Like flicking the long dress up in the air etc..)

A few people came to the garden at the same time while we were doing the session,

and it was so nice to see these eyes light up.

Not just from the beautiful environment, but also from Alessandra.

I got to talk to some of them about my idea for the awareness, and they all seems to be excited for the result.

Towards the end of the session, We did a few shoots with the butterfly net. FUN!

And then Alessandra got to release some new monarchs that were born a few days ago.

A simple symbolic motion to sealed the session and the idea to birth the idea of this awareness

and hoping that it will take off like a "butterfly" :)

We live in such a beautiful world - So in order for us to save it and keep our Monarchs alive and to continue to grow..

Think less, Spend less.

Recycle and most importantly take care of "OUR" earth, Everything in this life is a "butterfly effect"!

I would like to say a big thank you to Gia and Eric Lucy from Cozumel Butterfly & Botanical Gardens;

for letting us use your beautiful location for the day.

To the lovely Alessandra Erives for being the perfect butterfly, You were amazing!

Here are a few links for you to research for yourself on the decreasing of the Monarch Butterflies:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography