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Owen & Brenda | Cozumel's Dream Wedding

At the heart of Cozumel on the 18th of November two souls said YES!

I met Owen and Brenda at a wonderful sunset yoga session on the rooftop of Tamart.

Not only did I get to photograph them for the first time, but I got to see what an unbelievably cute couple they were.

Out of all the yoga people that were there that day, Owen and Brenda were the ones laughing and smiling throughout the session.

So much positive smiles!

After a few months went by, I met Owen in a local store while shopping. I immediately congratulated him on his engagement; I had seen his announcement on Facebook. Not surprised at all that he would pop the question, after witnessing them together.

He immediately after that, asked me about wedding photography, and my face just lifted up. So overwhelmed and excited!

We set a date to meet and get the details on their wedding plans.

They had the best location on the island for a venue, an awesome photographer and a great couple to get hitched.

This wedding couldn't get any better by the sounds of everything planned.

Their day came! Finally!

The weather was good, and off we went to their house to do some pre-wedding shots.

Unfortunately, the bride was a bit late, but I got a fun opportunity to take some pictures of Brenda's close friends from Mexico City, which was so much fun thanks, guys!

We grabbed them and put them all in the car with us and off we went to the venue which was on the East side of the island. It was about a 20-minute drive to the venue, no traffic - thank you, Cozumel!

So off I went to shoot Owen in his sexy new outfit, man he looked like a superstar. We couldn't wait to see Brenda in her dress.

Family and friends surrounded Owen with hugs and drinks to get the mood going while we waited for our bride to arrive.

Brenda arrived a few minutes later, and we rushed to see if we could get a few pictures before we would start. It was getting a little bit dark already. But we still had time for a great day.

As Brenda walked down the sandy beach to her Owen, Owen’s face was so special.

Filled with so much emotion and in awe of his bride. I just loved that moment.

Finally, the couple was here, after an amazing journey, this day is theirs!

The ceremony was super cute with a new Mayan Shamon that we haven't yet worked with named, Pedro.

He spoke of her trust support and meaningful elements to carry into a marriage to make it last, a very interesting and new way of understanding marriage.

After the tradition, Mayan horn blown and the kiss to seal the deal. The couple were crowded with their loved ones.

We hurried them off to have a few portraits shots, and here more fun started.

They were so amazing, both of them we very relaxed posing and fun to photograph, even though it was so dark, and we had to shoot a hard flash onto them. The photos captured their love between them, and that is what is the most important!

The food is now ready, and the couple needed a break from being top models. So as we went to each table to take some photos of the guest. We introduced ourselves and got to know everybody, such wonderful people, and so much fun to interact with.

We truly enjoyed getting to know everybody and seeing how they were enjoying the celebration with these loved birds.

After the food was deliciously devoured, I heard Owen's mother repeatedly say that "I can't wait to dance."

So that being said it was TIME TO DANCE.

Owen and Brenda broke the seal with the best artist in the world. Elvis!

And then the party B E G A N !

To this amazing couple, Owen and Brenda

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding, We wish you the most amazing and best days of your life together.

Love from the Mik 'n Drik Team!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography