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What you see, What I see..

The art of photography is about seeing and showing the world through your imagination. Every day I walk around the island and see something that could make a beautiful picture. Something that people would take for granted;

But I see it as an OPPORTUNITY!!!

I recently did three photo sessions where I went to a location, and try to find a spot that everybody would normally just walk on by and not notice what a great photo opportunity this might be.

For my first session, I grabbed my friend Perla and took her to our neighborhood area.

She had on a yellow dress for that session, and so I want to take her to a tree that was blooming these beautiful yellow flowers. This tree is also located near the shopping center where everybody would normally just drive by and not even notice how beautiful it is. After that, we spent about 30 to 45 minutes walking around in the midday looking for more spots to try.

We went to one of my favorite walls, that reminds me of Cuba. Its old, with many layers of paint with holes in the wall. It has these weird mix color of yellow and turquoises together.

All I see is another opportunity!

Thank you, Perla, for being so great, You were the perfect candid for this project.

My next session was on the same day with another local girl from the island named Renata. She is the daughter of our real estate agent, and I just knew the daughter would be as beautiful as the mother. We started our session with a few shots in the studio and then made our way to an area near my house.

My neighborhood is filled with mixed nations and diversity. One house will be a double story with security gates and wires blocking every angle of the house and then you right next to it you will have a very simple but nice open house with lots of dogs and no gates. You will find that is quite common on the island of Cozumel.

A very mixed diversity and I think it brings character to this place.

There were a few spots I had in mind since I walk around in the area a lot and therefore didn’t waste any time. Renata was a natural, it was the first time shooting her, and I think the first time she modeled as well. She was shy but very beautiful in whatever move or pose she did.

We shot about an hour or so, and after that, I was poofed. Being 6 months pregnant, I have creativity in my blood, but the energy is low.

A big thank you to Renata for having the courage to try something new like this, you were amazing!

Lastly, as always I take the opportunity to shoot my daughter. She is my inspiration and the center of my life. We went to a very busy road where the flowers were falling from the trees.

A perfect day that looks like the first day of spring is here. I had the help of my husband this time, especially with such a young child and on a busy road section.

Maya, our daughter, was a perfect model for a fun spring session. She loves flowers and all things fun!

After all these wonderful sessions I hope to bring them to you, the reader’s attention and to show that life can be as beautiful as you want it to be.

You just need to take the opportunity to open your eyes and look.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography