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Cozumel's Swing Project

A while ago I had this memory from my child hood.

It was about me swinging on a swing at my friends house in this beautiful area filled with trees.

It was such a good memory I had and I treasure is always.

I wouldn’t mind for others to have such happiness like this.

So I decided to contact my carpenter and get his thoughts on making a nice wooden piece for the swing. It should be big enough to fit two people.

The more the merrier!

I scouted a few locations that I had in mind already.

One place for sure I knew it would be awesome.

It is right next a park and near the airport road on the island.

On the 14th of September.

My husband, Sasha and my kids, Maya and Zlatan, We decided to hop in the car get the first swing up on a tree.

We arrive at the location and immediately daddy got to work, making the rope and tieing it onto the swing.

And then to the tree..

Maya was so excited, She tried to help her dad as much as she could.

It was the sweetest thing ever!

Final the swing was up and the kids were ready to swing!!


To see my daughters face and my husband help me put everything together was amazing and totally a new memory to add to my top10 collection.

I encourage you all to find our swings and make precious memories like this.

Bonus points if you take a picture of you on it :)

You can find more pictures here of our beautiful swing project here:

and for more information on our Carpenter- Contact Osmar at:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography