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Paola & Frank - Creative Maternity Session

My Paola contacted me regarding a maternity session and after a very interesting conversation, I never thought that it would be a session like this.

She sent me a list of ideas: Milk bath, Black and white studio, Silhouette during sunsets, Funny pee stick pictures and photos with fury animals.

My eyes layered in and my brain thoughts exploded !! Running over to Sasha, I said, "Look at THIS!" Sasha replied, "Whats this?" At this point he probably thought I was trying to buy a dog for the kids.

Never the less, I responded: "Dream Clients!"

We had our first meeting to discuss all their ideas and what they were excepting. I was so excited but I had to contain myself and focus on how to do everything. We planned on two days for shooting. Where we would spilt up the shot ideas with locations, and props we would use.

Everything was well organized and it sailed through so softly.

At each session Paola and Frank were relaxed and very easy to work with. Everything we said them to do, they did and more. The hardest thing for me was my focus because Frank is hilarious and was constantly making jokes. He had us all laughing with every moment.

Thank you P&F for allowing us into your lives, for giving us this opportunity to be apart of, not only your lives but for Baby Mia Sofia.

She is one lucky girl, with such beautiful parents like you two.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography