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The Ultimate Competition

After watching a few “Ted talks”, I figured I should express an emotion I struggle with everyday. Something I think everybody goes through.

Ask yourself this question? When would you run faster? -by yourself ? -with someone else ?

We need other people to push us to a level that we can not get too on our own. but you need healthy competition. By appreciating how hard the artist, you appreciate the work.

If you become jealous, you then have a unhealthy competition, and it becomes a cancers to your inner person.

Everybody is competitive in their own special way. Maybe when it comes to sports or art or even motherhood The world we live in is always on display for people to watch. Especially these times with social media/internet. To channel my competitor, I always try to support my competitors, especially when that biggest competitor is me. My main person I would like to beat everyday is myself, my yesterday self.

The only way to look forward in this life is to conclude on yesterday and improving on today.

Hence this blog is about displaying a story in 10 frames.

Change your mind from Me vs You to Me vs Me (yesterday) Challenge yourself to become a better person each day, every day.

-A big thank you to my amazing friend that modeled with me for this shoot:

Elsa Andersson Smith.

-Thank you to my partner in crime Oleksandr for always helping to complete these photo concepts I have. You are my rock!

-And lastly but not at all least, Thank you to my beautiful make up artist for completing exact look I wanted.

You can follow her at:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography