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It's a Twin thing

So most of you don’t know this. But I was a twin.

My mother had an accident when I was in the womb and my loving brother did not survive.

As sad as it may sound, It was even sadder for me handle it when growing up.

When I was younger about 5years old. I had an imaginary friend and I named him Anthony.

Heaven knows why I choose that name, but i did.

We played and laughed together every single day..

People use to ask me how he looked like and I use to tell them.

“Yeah just like me, but a boy”

The weirdest part about this was I didn’t even know I was a twin at that time.

Once my mom told me what happened to her and to me.

I started to understand and realize who he was.

And slowly he started to fade away..

Less and less...

Until one moment he just wasn't there anymore

So when I met these beautiful twins Felix and Agustin at a wedding we were shooting together.

Oh gosh.. I just fell in love, with their brotherhood, twin hood, what ever you want to call it.

Their connection and level of understanding each other.

It's beautiful to watch and being around.

I admire them so much!

Most importantly their connection.

It is the most beautiful gift in the whole world. Something God really put a huge effort into, I do believe.

So if you have a twin or you dating a twin OR you are see a twin :)

Hug them, They are special !

A very big thank you to Felix and Agustin at Twinbox - Publicidad & Medios for allowing me to shoot them.

I had so much fun thinking out the box, through the light, and under the eye haha.

You guys are awesome! Keep being amazing!

Follow them at: Twinbox - Publicidad & Medios

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography