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Bee Friendly Cozumel

It gives me great pleasure to write this blog and show you these amazing photos we took on our expedition to the Bee Friendly Cozumel.

I have been following Marta for awhile now on all her social media. Her photos are always so beautiful and her love for the bees really interests me.

Her heart and passion for what she does really shows.

And that is what caught my attention.

I have always loved bees and to see someone do what she does. I will be honest I am a little envious in a good way.

I contacted her about three weeks ago to shot with the bees. We had a reschedule a few times because of the weather,

As Marta explained the bees can be aggressive.

So a good sunny day will be ideal for us.

After two weeks or so.. Finally that day came...

Sasha and I drove to the location which was in the middle of nowhere. Literally.

I had no idea some of these places here on the island exist.

She gave us our suits, and then we walked on a bit more to where the bees were located.

Only pictures can describe how it truly beautiful and breath-taking it really is.

The sun was shining through the trees and the smoke was making a mist effect.

Absolutely breath taking.

The bees flying all around me and my heart was racing so fast.

I love bees so much. they are so important us in this earth, and to learn about them is vital.

During our visit Marta explained a things. She showed us the mother bee, and honey combs, of course the little cutie baby bees.

All without disturbing them in their environment.

All I can say, It was truly amazed at everything that was presented to us.

I hope everyone can somehow visit this location and in someway help the project to grow.

Please visit Bee Friendly Cozumel to find out more information:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography