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Our last family photo session ~ For Now.

Our last family photo session ~ For Now.

The last session we shoot was on the 17th March 2020.

Little did we know it was going to be our last for a very long time. .

From the first moment we met with our family - we had an amazing greetings, and it was full of positive vibes.

Grandparents start ordering prints from the moment they left a taxi, asking for proofs and making us laugh.

We loved it, They were all so happy and excited to get some great photos done.

And of course keep these memories alive while they are all together.

Firstly, we went with family to the greens of Paradise Beach Resort.

It was perfect light, everybody was smiling already, kids were behaving and grandparents were happy to see things working out.

The kids listened so well, and the grand parents cheered from the sidelines.

Then after we went to the beach, which was a 1minute walk.

The sunset was almost ready to show us some Cozumel colors. This is always what we want to share during our sunset sessions.

We took each couple and did a few romantic shots, some family, some with the grand parents, and of course some just with the kids.

Everybody smile and made the session so easy.

Sasha and I couldn’t help but to think too somehow join this family in some way.

For the end of the session, We took out the drone and did some flying around for them, a short video to seal the session.

They loved it, Especially the boys.

You know, Boys and their toys.

We then after said our good byes and never knew until later that it would be our last session before the quarantine would start here on the island.

It did not make us sad, but happy we ended it off with such a positive session.

With such grateful clients that truly love the meaning of making memories with their families - This makes our work so much better!

Thank you allowing us this opportunity.

You helped us to grow closer to our family even more.

Sending you all our blessing from the island.

Love. Peace. Understanding and Be Safe.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography