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Elopement at the New Church

When Janneth emailed me and told me that she was wanted a different location other than beach.

I was more than excited to help her complete this photo mission with her.

As some might know, I am more a forest person than a beach haha.

And I live on the island. Crazy and its facts.

Janneth wanted some photos of her and her partner in front of the new church here on the island.

Since we were the first people to photograph this church, I was more than happy explain to her.

She contacted the Nuns and asked of course for their approval.

They travelled all the way from Cancun for this session, and once we got to the location.

We found big black gates right in front of the church.

Obviously this was a new Installation, Even we didn’t know about it.

It all took us by surprise, but we were prepared to make the most of it.

We photographed at this location for about an hour.

Everyone was super nice and allowed us to do what we needed for the session.

Even allowed us to do some drone at the very end, which was a highlight.

Tips for photographers out there:

  • Always check on the location if there is a vendor fee.

  • Be respectful of others and

  • Always put things back after photographing the area.


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