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My Favorite time of Year - Easter

Easter is just around the corner and it has always been my favorite holiday.

I have always surrounded myself with family and friends to celebrate this day.

When I was a little girl, I had all my cousins with me, every year we use to do an Easter hunt for chocolate eggs, of course eating all the Easter eggs before my cousins ate them was a must!

But most importantly having dinner with a prayer and giving Thanks to our God for what he has done for us.

Sometimes we get carried away with all the glitter and glam, but as long as you don't forget about why we celebrate this day.

This year we decided to doing something bohemian style, all natural and vintage inspired. We will have three uniquely designed setups available for families of all sizes.

The whole set was planned and designed by our very own event planner; Wendy Herrera.

Click here to go directly to her page for more information:

Happy Easter everyone, We truly wish you a blessed time with your loved ones.

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