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The bright side of lockdown.

How is lockdown going for you?

I am pretty sure all photographers are taking the time create, learn and experiment or trying to book more face-time sessions.

Well for me, I am so blessed to have this beautiful model in my house.

She is an angel that inspires me everyday. There are so many small locations around our house and garden. You really don't need a large space to create magic.

With this in mind, she gave the idea to help and share my knowledge with other photographers.

To achieve this look here is a short video on how I did it.

Video link:

My camera gear and settings were as follows:

Canon 5Mark 3, with a 85mm.

(You can use a 50mm, which is actually my favorite lens for session like these)




Here is the before image straight out of the camera with no edits made to it.

After the direct apply of "Soft & Dreamy LR preset".


The most important thing to remember with this preset is that you need to place the

small circle pin the face of the model, creating a sharper effect on the face.

The other circle pin (the bigger pin) is for clarity that is surrounding you model/subject.

It creates a blur effect.

Please see below.

After applying the LR preset, I then moved to Photoshop where I did a few more steps to create the final image I wanted.

All that I did in photoshop was:

-Sharpen image with High Pass

-Added Gaussian Blur

-Removed the sliding door lock

-De-Saturated the blue on the window area

-Selective color on yellows ( +5 on Magenta)

-Straighten the image

and I add an Dust overlay

You can find that any dust layer will work with this type of dreamy look.

This is the one I used. Just make sure when you use an overlay put it on Screen/Lighten to get this soft effect.

AND SAVE... :)

This is my final image. So soft and dreamy..

This LR Preset is available at our shop for FREE, just use the coupon code Freebie.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for the support.


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