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The Wedding of your Dreams.

Ladies, no need to search anymore for your perfect wedding venue.

I have found it and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Before the COVID pandemic, We had the lovely opportunity to photograph a wedding in Merida, Mexico. This special event was Matt and Gimena’s wedding.

It took place on the 20 of February 2020, It could not get more creative than that. But oh yes it did..

The wedding was straight out a scene from a wedding mag.

Everything was detailed and perfect, from the flowers, to the table tops, light and of course the beautiful architecture of Hacienda - where the venue was located.

I can not begin to explain how over the top gorgeous this location is, and the wedding planners that design and create these luxurious weddings have outdone themselves over and over.

The groom party were in a gorgeous antique room with a tall ceiling. The high green doors were giving an amazing feeling of the beginning of the 1900 century. The groom party were sneaking in some Mezcal just to keep the nerves down.

The bridal party were in a beautiful room with an open wall towards the garden. The wall part was surrounded with these beautiful pillars, and even had a fountain running next to it. The setting could not get any more stunning than this!

The ladies were having fun with their champaign, it was such a positive atmosphere to be apart.

So much fun and love to be in a room with bridal party, everybody were super excited and happy!

When both parties were dressed and ready to get married, We arranged a first look by the water arch. We placed Matt right in the front and watch Gimena come all the way to surprise him. It was darling!

After that we took the gorgeous couple around the Hacienda and took beautiful pictures of them. We could-of photograph them all day if we could! But we had limited time and the Hacienda is huge. It has so many corners and photo worth locations.

They then went to the church to get married, which was on the Hacienda grounds as well. It was a nice ceremony, very personal and not so long. They then had the cocktail party straight after, which gave us time to do some group and family shots. We had the perfect setting with one of the building as a background. Between the colors of the building and trees, we were extremely happy!

After that we had the reception which was a beautiful setting overall. With hanging lights from a good distance from the ceiling, the huge flower arch, every single little detail was perfect.

They had the speeches and then the party started. There was always a person on that dance floor, It was the funniest wedding reception we have photograph. Lots of laughing, lots of dancing, lots of tequila.

The mariachi came and finished the wedding with a beautiful and outstanding performance.

It was a such pleasure to be apart of this day.

Thank you Gimena and Math for allowing us to photograph your our of this world wedding!!

Well what are you waiting for you.

Book this venue already :)

Visit the link below for more images of Matt and Gimena's wedding:

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