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Adventure at the Nursery

The journey begins in Mexico, on the beautiful island of Cozumel. Little baby girl Maya is looking for an adventure.

She decides to take her parents to a local nursery that is located close by.

We packed all that is needed for the trip the night before, and in the morning we woke up early to start our trip to nursery.

Chapter 1.

It was very hot day and everything around us looked like time had stopped.

Cars were moving slowly and scooters were creating little wind twirls when passing by us. We were trying to move under shade, running quickly from one side road to the other. After a long 30 minutes of walking; There it was.. Right in front of us.. The big, The green, The magical garden.

It was full of tall trees and magic colorful flowers. We entered the nursery and it felt like we fell into new world full of green trees and thousands of different kinds of plants.

Chapter 2.

The trees and the plants created shade for us, making us feel cooler on this very hot day.

We were trying to decided which trails to start our adventure, but Maya had already taken the lead by following a curious cat she spotted.

The cat was small with black and brown colors. He was very, very friendly to her, They became best friends instantaneously.

I think they were talking to each in the same language, For sure they made a few jokes about us.

The cat was laying on his back trying to invite Maya to pet him, but she was more interested in telling him her crazy stories. The cat raised himself on its four paws and invited us to take a tour around the nursery. So we followed him into the green jungles..

Chapter 3.

In this garden we uncounted number of plants and flowers, cacti and trees. You can even buy one for your place.

We followed the cat deep into the nursery, where we met our a new friend, The white wolf.

The white wolf had dreamy blue eyes; it walked in slow motion as its white fur brushed against the plants.

He was very friendly and join us in our adventure. From 3, to 4, to 5 of us traveling through this magical garden

The atmosphere was quiet and still, giving us all a peace of mind we need. We spent an hour walking around and exploring new kinds of plants. There were always an assistant waiting to help us, we asked them the names of the different plants, and they provided this for us in great detail. This was a learning experience for the cat, dog and us humans.

After the walk about, we gathered to a little spot at the entrance of the nursery, Where we rested and our legs and our eyes from all the green we were viewing.

Chapter 4.

From the moment we sat down; We were greeted by big and sunny smiles from one of the ladies that works there.

She smelt like lemonade, and fresh herbs. If mother nature was on earth, this could be her.

She made us some homemade pineapple juice and even homemade dragon fruit juice. Its was divine, heaven on the tongue!

Maya drank one after the other – more more more she wanted!.

We laughed, took photos and enjoyed this lovely time with another new friend.

She brought us some cake that was so delicious.

Of course Maya almost ate everything, leaving the tasty crumbs to us.

It was beginning to be that time, where we would need to say our good byes.

So we kissed and hugged the cat, the dog and the nice smelling juice lady.

This adventure had come to an end, but never forgotten.

Thank you for reading our cute little story about Maya's trip to the nursery.

It has become our weekly visit, and we enjoy it every time we go.

We are happy to recommend this nursery to you.

To find this beautiful place; Search for it on 25th and calle 7.

Never stop dreaming, Make new Friends everyday, and Keep your Family closest to you!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography