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10 Years Anniversary

It is such a wonderful surprise to receive a message from a client that would like

to do something fun for their 10th year anniversary.

The feeling to be a part of such a special milestone in someone’s life is overwhelming.

Ime messaged me about a month ago requesting the date of 29th of July for the photo session. She informed me that it would their first time in Cozumel, and they’d love for me to photograph a family session. They have two beautiful boys, and they would love to capture some fun moments celebrating their 10th year anniversary with the whole family.

We requested a special shooting time at Buccanos beach club, and they agreed with open arms. It was possibly the best opportunity because when we decided to start shooting - there were no guests and we had the whole beach to ourselves. Lucky us!!!

The whole family was super amazing, always smiling and having fun while trying to look fabulous for our cameras! The pirate ship came by at one moment during the shoot; not just the kids went crazy, but the whole family went wild.

It was a boost of energy that made the session just a whole lot better. It filled my heart.

Towards the end of the session with had some more fun with party string and when the sun went down, we called it a day. BUT then the colors after the sunset rose above, and we ran back to take a few more shots of the beautiful couple.

Congratulations Ime and Agus on 10 years of LOVE!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography