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Pin Up photo shoot in Cozumel

I had the idea to do a pinup shoot, but more tranquilo style like our Cozumel island is.

I wanted something fun, styling that will included a bit of Cozumel's no touristic surroundings.

Of course she was in love with idea. We then comprised the outfit and gather the props for the session.

All was left was to make it happen..

On the 11th of August, We made our date to bring life to our idea.

Our first location was the laundry place on 65th called Express.

We went straight to the beautiful ladies

that worked there and asked to use the area.

We big smiles they said Yes!!!

While us girls did our fun, the ladies stood and watched the magic happen.

They loved every moment and gave us a bit of a cheer as well!

From the next location we took a walk downtown to 30th avenue where a barber shop was located.

The shop is called 'La Barber Corp' and it has a very old 40s feel to it.

We met with Carlos and with open arms he welcomed us in to take some shots inside.

While Maria posed and made life of a photographer easy as pie..

All the clients in La Barber were male and they were certainly enjoying the view.

Thank you Carlos for that experience!

We then moved on to the streets of Cozumel.

I had Maria ride her red bike up and down a few areas.

For one of the prop idea; I had her pose with my vintage Nikon F camera.

This is one of many old cameras I have, it was made in 1950s.

It is much older than me and I sometime I treat it like my second child.

The sun was hot, but that didn't stop us.

We carried on and continued to have some fun - which all photo shoots should be like.

To end of the day - I asked Maria to do one final pose.

While posing for this shot, something amazing happened.

A typical thing that you might find in Cozumel/Mexico drove pass and photo bombed my shot.

This was the highlight and I simply LOVE this photo!

Thank you to everyone, place and prop for making this shoot the best!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography