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Juevart @ Hotel B Cozumel,Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country with a huge number of different kinds of artists in each part.

North, South, East and West, all have unique styles.

In Cozumel, which is a touristic destination and cradle of Mayan culture.

We have many local artists. People that live here enjoy crafting with materials such as wood, sand, paper and other materials.

Of course, there are lot of places where these artists are selling their products, but there is a one place that is more unique than others. It’s at Hotel B Cozumel.

Hotel B is situated in the North side of the island, With the ocean as its playground.

Many locals and tourist love the atmosphere, and come here even for a day pass for swimming, eating and good vibes.

Two months ago; Hotel B decided to bring locals and tourist together in a more creative way. By setting up an event every Thursdays evening at the Hotel - where they will have their happy hour mixology drinks, loud music, workshops, artists products for sale and so much more than you can imagine.- This event is called Juevart.

Juevart starts as an event where you can buy some gifts or hand made products in the beginning, now it’s the whole event – where you can listen to music or even watch a movie, learn how to dance and even take a part in one of the workshops.

How cool would it be to hand craft a little gift for yourself, to take home as part of unforgettable experience on the island.

At Juevart we even have the Chef doing a ceviche workshop. Where you can make your own recipe or work with existing one. Of course everything is there for you to enjoy this delicious meal.

We also have Mezcal Mixology, which is consists out of 3 drinks. We like to tell the whole story of Mezcal and how in different recipes you can open this traditional and unique taste of this drink. Please note: More Mezcal tasting = More Fun @ Juevart!

If you are not into workshops and entertainment; You can sit and relax, because the time me of the Juevart is exactly the time of our beautiful Cozumel sunsets.

Check out our Juevart youtube videos on:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography