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Laugh like there is no Tomorrow

Meet Brittany and Rudy, the cutest couple that we had the pleasure of doing a couple photo session of.

Like Sasha and I, they are from different cultures, but found each other and fell in love.

When Brittany contacted me to book a session, and immediately felt a strong energy.

A very positive and up lifting energy. She told me how much she loved Cozumel and returned to our island at least once a year.

She would be turning 30 during her visit, so this trip would be a special one.

Being almost 30 in about 6months time, I fully understood exactly what need to be done.

Fun, Fun, FUN, and a little sexy picture to show my future self how good I looked when I was 30.

I couldn't wait to meet and shoot her and her husband!!!!

A week before our planned session, my father passed away and left me with a very empty feeling. Being a very creative and open person, I felt closed and wasn't sure I could continue with any session we had for the month.

But I remembered something so amazing from my father, and that was he was so supportive of me and my art. He was always sharing, liking, promoting, encouraging, anything he could possibly do. He always said I was a natural, and with no schooling or workshops to my name, I self taught everything that I have done.

I knew that I would need pick up my camera and continue with I love.

Our date came, We picked our dates (Brittany and Rudy) and we took them to our secret spot. The weather was perfect, the beach was almost empty. A ladies jumba or zumba or is it zuma class was there. But we enough space for us to make magic happen.

It honestly took me awhile to try and get my head around things. I lost my lens cap and a memory card as well and kept dropping things everywhere. Luckily an adorable little Mexican boy found my stuff and ran to return it to me. ( Thats Cozumel baby )

My assistant Sasha (and husband) was giving me those evil eyes every time something went missing or dropped to the sand. "Oh the speech I will get later" LOL

But after everything and all my oopsies, The session went Great!

The ocean was smiling, the trees were posing, even the clouds were laughing, and my couple looked goooooood!

I fell in love with this couple, They were so easy going and did everything we asked them perfectly and with love. Thank you Rudy for all the modeling jokes, which I actually thought were true for awhile. Brittany you are like sun shine, you are such beautiful person inside and outside.

Thank you for reminding me as well to "Laugh like there is no tomorrow, For tomorrow might never come"

I am so happy to have meet you and we be so happy to meet you again.

Hopefully December!!

Check out more pictures of this session here:

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography