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Alejandra and Her Jose | Sunset Maternity Session

Nothing makes me more happier than shooting a beautiful sunset maternity session.

Perfect weather, Perfect couple, and Perfect location - Mik 'n Drik was so lucky for this to happen to end off the year of 2017.

I met Alejandra over social media when she posted her make up artist page on one of the Cozumel groups. I loved her work and was at that time looking for a new artist to work with.

So we kept in contact and already I had some ideas that I wanted to do with her.

But when Alejandra told me she was pregnant and wanted me to do her session.

Of course I was overwhelmed and EXCITED beyond belief.

We set a date before the new year would come, and a location to be at Sky Reef bar.

The south side area is a perfect location on the island to get those crazy beautiful sunset sessions.

The session was so relaxing and went so smoothly.

Everything I asked Alejandra and Jose to do, they did it with gentle touch and a lot of love.

It was like floating on cloud 9.

Since they wanted to have a few sunset pictures and it was still a bit early for it

We took a break at Sky Reef bar to wait till 6pm and of course to give little Baby Leo a rest.

(He was working so hard at looking so great for the photos)

We got to know the couple a bit more on a personal level over a few drinks (Water for the ladies ;)

So after the nice sit down, we moved on a little bit more South to get as close to the sunset as we could.

And finally we got thaaaaat shot - As you can see it was all worth it!

What a beautiful shot !

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography