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A date with your best friend

As most of you might have seen I went to the hair dresser to do a complete redo of my covid hair mess.

Well while walking up to Henry’ studio, I passed this restaurant and saw this light coming out from these huge windows.

And it literally made me stop, and take it all in. It was a beautiful sight to see!

I spoke to the owners and he was so friendly. Immediately I asked if I could do a session here.

He said YES, and of course immediately I got to work.

cozumel photographer

I had the idea I had in mind was of a “date with your best friend”, But to make more interesting

A ballet dancer and a cute furry human.

The restaurant has a 1960 vibe, So I wanted to match the theme.

I contact Cristina, she is local on the island and very good ballet dancer. I asked if she would be interest and then I just needed to find a furry.

I had in mind a puppy, but after a long think over it, I realized that would be too difficult.

A puppy would be too much to handle.

So the next in line was Sash's favorite choice was Napo.

Napo is the owner and co-founder of Tamarindo Cozumel.

He literally runs the show at that place ;)

We shot for about an hour or so, It was difficult to try control both subjects at the same time.

But it was sooo much fun! Mapo was a super star, and every move Cristina did was perfection.

I couldn't have asked for a better Team!

All I can say from this session; Is that they both work very hard and both killed it.

Here is my work of art coming to life, with the help of many others.

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography