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Mik 'n Drik TikTok went viral!

Never thought that would happen. If you watch the video, You will just see me running!

But let tell how and what really happened, The whole backstory..

So awhile ago we started the FlyingDressCozumel project. We were so over excited to start and create something new here on the island. It actually start with a women name Traci that mentioned it to me once at a photo session. She said “I really want to go to Greece and do something like this.” I told her, Nope, let me get some dresses here and We do it on the island for you! She literally planted this beautiful seed!

About the same time I got connected with two travel Agents Morgan and Kristi, They are the same vibe us! Fun, Energetic and maybe a little crazy. I met Krisit first and had always wanted to do this Flying Dress for her. When Morgan told me that they will be coming to the island for a day in May. I was like “Hell Yes” here is my chance to do it. Morgan and I got to planning, and kept it as a surprise for Kristi.

Well this tree location that I choose for this photo; Is also an interesting factor. Our studio is located at Buccanos. We have been open there since December. It is the best location on the island by far, Every corner is photo opportunity. From sunrise to sunset, that is where the magic happens!

When you drive into Buccanos, the trees make an arch and I promise you, I look at it every time I drive there. It is so this beautiful, that it had to go on my “Location To Shoot List”

On the day of the photo session, I decided to give it a try. I knew it would be just perfect with Kristi in this gorgeous green flying dress. Green with Green and one golden princess to shine. The wind even decided to show up and help us out.

The girls will laughing cause of my running and my dress flipping skills, a few cars stopped to watch, But most importantly we had fun. I could blame mostly Morgan for cracking us all up. She is a character indeed!

Anyways, the whole point of this post. Is to show you that not always will things just happen straight away.

Life is all about, Pieces of a puzzle and putting them all together. Traci, Buccanos, Morgan, Kristi, Those beautiful Flying Dresses, Even my dear Sasha going along with everything I ask him to help me with.

These are the puzzle pieces, You got to choose the right ones to make your goal work!

Thank you for reading this very very long post, Thank you for enjoying what we do, Thank you always for your support.

We appreciate and love everyone that is part of our puzzle!!!

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The Actual Video:

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