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When your clients become your best friends!

Let me introduce to you Brittany and Rudy.

We met them about 4 years when Brittany booked a couple photo session with us.

It was love at first site, We immediately become acquainted and the session was a breeze.

We took Britt and Rudy to a location in the North side, The weather was hot but perfect for photographing them. We had such a fun time, especially because Rudy was trying to convince us he was a full time model. Which we completely believed him!

We still took you to our favorite bakery, Maple Bakehouse for some lunch.

It felt like we have known each other for years!

We met your family, and you met ours, and we literally became a one big family.

Over the few years, your visits to the island has been our highlights of the year.

Especially our beach days at Buccanos, Those are always the best of times!

Our friendship has truly been a beautiful flower that has blossomed over the years into something we hold true to our hearts.

So when you told us you would be coming back to the island this July. We were over the moon with excitement. We literally counted the days in our books till your arrival.

We spend a few hours trying to plan a nice photo session for you guys, and just hoped that the weather would work with us.

And thankfully it did!

The session turned into a photo tour around the island and we had a blast!

Thanks to you for smiling, laughing and jumping when we told you too.

I know this session was mostly about celebrating your 10anniversary, but for us, it was celebrating our friendship together.

Happy 4 years to us, and Happy 10 years for you!

Either way we love you, and always wishing you the very best in this life.

We are forever grateful that photography has lead us to meet you.

Thank you!

@2017 by Mik 'n Drik Photography